Friday, December 4, 2015

Holiday Christmas Pens

Holiday pens make nice gifts for the office and/or for additional stocking stuffers. Here you will be able to choose from a variety of decorative scenes and patterns to enhance the festive holiday spirit.

From this group of Christmas pens, you can choose the trim color on the top and bottom. Color choices are black, green, blue, red, and pink. You can also choose the ink color - choices are black, blue, and red.

This link will show you a larger layout of the selection and purchase links. You can choose from Christmas tree designs, snow people, snowflakes, and patterns. These pens are designed by CherylsArt and are printed by Zazzle.

Here you may find a decorative selection from Amazon (depending on the season.) The design choices can vary depending upon what is currently in stock. Some of these pens may also be shaped like candy canes.

Happy holidays, writing, and gift giving.

Cheryl Paton

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Personalized Photo Christmas Postage Stamps

Here you will find find Christmas themed postage stamps that you can upload a photo to, for your holiday mail within the United States.

Click on the design(s) of your choice, then click on the word Change under the image placeholder, to search for the photo on your computer.

Once uploaded, you can click on the design and adjust the size and placement.

This first design features a colorful array of abstract Christmas balls. Your photo will be showcased in a round frame set in among the Christmas balls.

This next design features a rectangle frame made up of a bunch of little, colorful Christmas balls. The rectangle frame is perfect for group photos.

This next design is perfect for sweethearts, whether newly weds, engaged couples, and/or for anniversary couples. It features a candy cane heart as the picture frame, surrounded by a frosty looking blended pink background.

Whatever you pick, it's a fun way to share photos with family and friends.

You can check out more personalized photo Christmas stamps at Zazzle.

Cheryl Paton

Friday, November 13, 2015

Christmas Tree Postage Stamps

Here you will find a fun artistic selection of Christmas trees on USPS postage stamps. These stamps are printed by Zazzle and are legal to use on mail within the United States.

If you like getting in the dancing spirit over the Christmas holidays, you're apt to enjoy this scene of a Christmas tree rocking and dancing with Mr. Snowman, out in the snow.

This simple design features two outline drawings of Christmas trees done in white, on a light blue background. The shown text says, Save the date, and can be easily customized to your holiday greeting on the provided template form.

This tree is decorated in white Christmas balls and red and blue ribbon for a patriotic look. There is a template placeholder under the tree for you to easily customize the year, or type in a short name.

For a unique look and/or to promote a night time event, this tree is made up of silver stars on a black background. The message says, Happy Holidays.

This fun artistic tree is decorated with red and blue lights and blue garland, and an orange star. It is painted with dots, a technique that is called pointillism.

For some people, the tree isn't purr-fect unless there are some playful cats playing under the tree. This design features two cats who have gotten some toys off of the Christmas tree.

I hope that you have enjoyed this selection; the original designs were painted by me.

View more Christmas Stamps by CherylsArt online at Zazzle.

Cheryl Paton

Friday, November 6, 2015

Cute Pug Christmas Cards and Ornaments

Pugs are so cute. Here you will find artwork of a cute pug that I saw while on a neighborhood walk. I've gone on this route quite a few times and had seen this friendly girl out with her owner. One day I even got to take her for a walk. I was amazed and impressed with how quick her pace was. I had to pick mine up a bit.

I asked her owner if it would be okay for me to paint a picture of her, and for me to place it on cards, etc., and that I would give her the original painting. She accepted my offer and I also gave her some original pug cards. She wasn't actually wearing the Santa hat and bow, I painted and added those on after her friendly pose. Isn't she adorable; she looks so happy.

Here she is on a matching ornament; her happy face is printed on both sides.

Hope you have enjoyed my painting of a cute pug. If you'd like to check out more of this cutie on Christmas products, you can view them here:

Cheryl Paton

Monday, October 26, 2015

Christmas Return Address Labels Template

If you are looking for return address labels that are Christmas themed, you have found them. Here you will find Santa, Snow People, Poinsettia, Christmas Tree, Cat labels and more. Each one has a template form for you to easily personalize the name(s) and address.

Each label is peel and stick. Do you recall the days of having to lick them or having a damp sponge near by!

Click on the link below to see the selection, then click on a design that you like. Then you can select the quantity and place your order.

Zazzle will print your order and ship it. If you plan to order again from Zazzle within a year, and/or your shipping total nears $10.00, then you can save money by signing up for ZazzleBlack.

Happy holidays and happy savings!

Cheryl Paton

Monday, October 19, 2015

Green Holly Leaves with Yellow Flowers Christmas Products

You can fun and colorful holly designs to your home, envelopes, and more.

This holly design features an assortment of painted holly leaves with accents of light green and yellow. Centered in the different assortments are yellow flowers accented with pale green. The complete design is painted on a red background.

The yellow, red, and green look great together and provide a festive look.

By following the link below, you'll find holly greeting cards; home decor items such as throw pillows, bath mats, shower curtains and more; and other items such as paper and cloth napkins, table cloths, and more.

As I make more holly designs, you can find them here: holly designs. If there are any other products that Zazzle makes that you would like this holly design added to, you can either contact me through my CherylsArt store at Zazzle, or email me at

Cheryl Paton

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Unique Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is a fun time to display unique ornaments. We find it fun to commemorate certain events, likes, and more, on our Christmas tree; such as our baby's first Christmas, the year we celebrated with bows.

One unique way to decorate the tree is with family photos. On this snowflake ornament, you can add a photo of a family member under the Santa hat, so that it looks like they are wearing the hat.

Or perhaps you would prefer to have them pictured among some colorful Christmas balls!

On each of the above designs, you can simply click on the link, and then on the Change button next to the photo template placeholder. If you need to adjust the size and or the position of the photo, you can then click on Customize to make adjustments.

This unique Christmas tree ornament was painted with dots. You can easily change the year on the template forms, or even type in a short name.

If you like seeing a winter cabin scene, you can do that through your imagination and also an ornament! This one also as an option to add a year or a short name.

If you don't feel quite like celebrating in a traditional way, you can decorate with a simple design, like this chevron pattern of red and green dots on white. When I first decided that it might be possible to like Christmas again, we decorated our tree with nothing but bows. We went out and purchased all kinds of ribbon and tied bows on the tree. That ended up being pretty cool. So if you want something a bit different, you're welcome to go for dots or chevron patterns! Whatever you choose to enjoy.

Blessings to you and may you have a wonderful seasonal holiday, and a happy New Year.

Cheryl Paton